History of Paleteria La Michoacana Operations, LLC

A long tradition and the history of our company

>> First Historical Milestone

Paleteria La Michoacana is the first Hispanic influenced company to display freezers in convenient stores and super market channels in the United States. Currently, we have over 10,000 points of distribution in the US.

>> Taste the Difference

Discover the wonderfully rich tastes of La Indita Michoacana. Our creamy, fully flavored ice creams and delicious fruit bars are crafted using traditional, old world style of Latin American influence, providing a perfect blend of tradition and excellent taste.

Savor chunks of fruit or the luscious taste of smooth chocolate. Indulge in rich coconut or strawberry flavors, or for something more exotic like guava or mamey. We offer flavors to please every palate.

For over 20 years, our family has been proud to create ice cream products that keep our satisfied patrons coming back. We invite you to find out for yourself why, when it comes to exquisitely made ice cream, we are in a class of our own.

>> Y tu Paleta?

What does this phrase mean? It is our slogan and also a question, which of course is rather unusual. Give up? Translated from Spanish it means, "Where's your paleta?" It is a question we ask our customers, because how can you resist? You ought to get going and try ours!