Information on placement and traffic for freezers

Five different models of bunker freezers each with different lengths depending on needs

Let us help increase your profits, at no cost, by providing you with three to eight basketed bunker freezers. Each basket is designed to hold our delicious single-serve treats. Our recommended pricing plan provides up to a 40% gross profit margin, and recommended product list of our most popular selling items will help your initial sales. We have several sizes and lengths to accomodate any areas of space that could use the traffic and optimal placement.

Models SD-235 and SD-280 are our smallest freezers, good for corners, and alongside panels. They are easy to move and place in cramped spaces - where there is a need for quick application in a high traffic area with limited space. SD-235 uses about 35 inches and SD-280 can hold an extra small basket inside because of the extra six inches.

Standard to our line up is the SD-405 & 406. They are popular two door solutions that are not too big or too small, adding variety and plenty of space on top for a large selection of our products. The only real difference is the body styling between both models, but they are great multi-purpose freezers.

Our largest and most spacious are the SD-517, which holds a maximum of 6 baskets, and the SD-587 (the behemoth) that holds 8 baskets. If you want to entice customers with many different flavors and choices, these are the most ideal.

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